This site is the result of collecting on an International scale in a more serious way
than the average enthusiast is willing to undertake.

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The collecting gene runs deep in the human spirit. That said, if you happen to take your collecting more seriously than the average enthusiast, you've likely become more sensitive to certain  things that either make your blood boil or your heart sing. Perhaps you've asked yourself whether these silly traits make you sound weird or not, but trust us: you're not alone.

Below are ten things that many collectors have thought about or dealt with more than the average hobbyist.
Don't worry, you're not any less of a collector if some of the following doesn't resonate with you. In fact, that might even make you one of the lucky ones. Sometimes you just do not want to unbox something.

You appreciate the moment when you look at your collection and realize how big it's become.

There's no categorical distinction between a large collection and a small collection, but dedicated collectors know what it feels like to look upon a robust collection and feel so very proud.

Your collection becomes part of your identity.

Collecting is not something we do arbitrarily or compulsively; rather, it's something we do out of love.


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